Adult Focus Programs

Nick Arteaga, our Adult Programs Manager talks about our departments programs..

Who We Are

Our adult focus programs exist for folks aged 18+ up to create a brave and safe space to socialize, educate, share resources and support one another.

These programs include cool spaces like TransAction, which is a trans- led trans-positive group aimed to serve our trans, nonbinary and gender non-conforming community as they are some of the most marginalized individuals, especially our QTPOC (queer, trans people of color) Our 1-5 club is open to everyone, namely those who identify as queer, whether they’re bi, ace, gay, lesbian, questioning, etc.

Our other programs are People of Color, Utah Queer Historical Society and Public Safety Pride  Alliance. Allies are welcome to attend these groups with the understanding to reserve space for the folx these groups are intended to serve.

Why We are Here

We are here for each adult human in the Utah LGBTQ+ community. We wouldn’t exist without the amazing work of our volunteer program leadership teams. Each one of our programs exist because someone in the Utah LGBTQ+ saw the need and worked with us to design their program, assist in finding meeting spaces, funding for projects, tabling resources, and getting the word out to the community.

We hold these groups for  those who do not have safe spaces in the world, so it is imperative to step back and be respectful.   If you are interested in volunteering with any of our adult programs, please reach out to us using the contact info below:

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1 5club9
1 5club8
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1 5club6
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1 5club3
1 5club1

Contact Us:

For more information about any of our programs or to volunteer to help, please email Nick or Deb:

Nick Arteaga, Manager of Adult Programs [email]

Deb Hall, Director of Adult Programs [email]

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