Announcing the 2020 Kristen Ries Community Service Award Recipient: Karrie Galloway!

Planned Parenthood has become the largest provider of STD testing and treatment in the state of Utah under Karrie Galloway’s leadership of the organization. 

Karrie has been with PPAU since 1981 and annually PPAU provides over 32,000 STD tests and serves over 11,500 teens and families with medically accurate responsible sex education to ensure our community stays safe. 

We also have a variety of education programs including an educator training called Safe at School which last year trained over 1,100 current and future educators about how to make classrooms safe for LGBTQ+ students. Planned Parenthood Assoc. of Utah spends roughly double the amount of other PP affiliates on education because the state does not provide these services in the schools. 

Of the nearly 47,000 patients PPAU sees annually 20% are male – males seek services at PPAU because of the lack of state provided STD testing and treatment services and the lack of other safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community to receive care. 

All of this has taken place under Karrie’s decades of service at PP. Providing care for the LGBTQ+ is a priority for Planned Parenthood in Utah.

Join the Utah Pride Center as we celebrate Karrie’s service at the 5th Annual Pride Spectacular – June 5, 2020 5.30p-7p.

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