Being very intentional in all of our interactions

How do you make a genuine long lasting friend? Is it fate? Do you just have to be lucky to meet a person you vibe with and can vibe with for the foreseeable future? Check out this cool article that can help you with those questions.

Anxiety about friend-making isn’t so uncommon, according to clinical psychologist and friendship researcher Dr. Miriam Kirmayer, although some of these nerves may be linked to misconceptions about how meaningful friendships actually come about. “There does seem to be, for many people, this belief that friendships should just happen—whether we’re in a new city or a new phase of life—and that our people, so to speak, will magically show up. As beautiful as that is, that isn’t the reality for most people,” explains Kirmayer. “My best advice is to be very intentional with how we approach making friends; seek out opportunities, experiences and activities where we are likely to meet new people with whom we share something in common.

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