UPC Changes its logo.

You may have noticed a change in our logo

In September of 2020, 6 months ago, the Utah Pride Center changed its logo.

The change we made was small, but powerful.

This change was not one that we publicized and was not performative. The intent is for those Queer Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QBIPOC), in our communities who have historically been erased, silenced and made invisible in many queer spaces, including at the Utah Pride Center, see themselves represented on this logo.

The symbolic nature of the black and brown letters supporting and holding the word “PRIDE”, is also important. It visibly recognizes that Queer and Trans BIPOC individuals, have not only grounded the work in our communities, but also paved the way for so many.

We feel the need to raise our voice in solidarity with other communities to once again proclaim that BLACK LIVES MATTER!

We have much work to do, we now have a symbol that reminds us and guides us in our mission to be a place that “unites, empowers and celebrates Utah’s diverse LGBTQ+ communities”. We also hope that as people see our new symbol and logo, that they too are reminded that the Utah Pride Center is a space for all.

With Pride,
Tanya Hawkins, Vice Board Chair
Utah Pride Center

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