Pride Not Prejudice: An LGBTQ+ conference for Utah Educators, Students, and Caregivers.
Pride, Not Prejudice: An LGBTQ+ Conference for Utah Educators, Students, and Caregivers

Our mission is to create supportive and open school environments for LGBTQIA+ students through community building and professional development for inclusive education.  

We aim to empower students to be their authentic selves at school, to enable educators to actively support their LGBTQIA+ students, and create a positive culture to collaborate resulting in a sustainable change for queer identities in schools.  

Pride, Not Prejudice: An Education Conference is held annually in January.  

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Nominations for 2021 TATA Award

Nominations for 2021 TATA Award The TATA stands for Transgender Advocacy TEAM Award (Transgender Education Awareness Month). Just as there are many supporting and active groups …
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