Saturday, November 9th | 8.00a-6.30p
Horizonte Instruction and Training Center
1234 Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

What is genderevolution?

genderevolution 2019 will feature lectures, workshops, and panels offered by local community members and professionals.  Attendees are invited to educate themselves on a variety of topics including healthy self-image development, gender fluidity, the interplay of gender identity & sexual orientation, meditation techniques, legal aid, mental & physical health, transgender history and much more.  Come meet other gender variant folks, their parents, partners, families, friends and the professionals who serve them.


Our Keynote Speakers

Image of Sean Saifa Wall, speaker.

Sean Saifa Wall

Intersex activist, visual artist, and public health researcher.

Sean Saifa Wall is an intersex activist, visual artist, and public health researcher. Born and raised in the Bronx, he attended Williams College and after a short stint in New York City, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he lived for nine years. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his dog, Justice. He is the former board president of InterACT, a legal advocacy organization protecting the human rights of intersex young adults and is a co-founder of the Intersex Justice Project (IJP), a project whose mission is to #endintersexsurgery.

Saifa's story has been featured in Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics journal, the Washington Blade, The Guardian, and The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Healthcare. He is a TEDx speaker and has been a guest on Huffington Post Live, ABC News Nightline and Afropunk: Solutions Sessions. Recently, IJP was highlighted in the Google/Stink Films documentary, Stonewall Forever.

You can learn more about him as well as the documentary he is making about his father called Letters to an Unborn Son at

Image of Hans Lindahl (they/she), speaker.

Hans Lindahl

queer intersex artist, writer, and YouTuber.

Hans (they/she) is a white, queer intersex artist, writer, and YouTuber. Growing up in intersex community as a teen, they started out in advocacy by joining interACT Youth, an international collective of intersex activists under 30. Since then they have spoken to doctors, families, sex educators, and state legislatures about intersex issues. Features include them, OUT, Cosmopolitan, and The Washington Post.

Hans aims to bring humor, light, and connection to intersex representation, while uplifting multiply marginalized voices within the community. See her work via her website and YouTube channel. Before intersex activism, Hans worked for years in web accessibility, building a platform making textbooks accessible to blind students. After later experiences in organizing, nonprofit leadership, and event planning and facilitation, they decided their skills could best be used in service to the intersex movement.

Musical Performance by Marina Marqueza

Marina Marquesa modeling their emotion.
Marina Marquesa posing for the camera.
Marina Marquesa singing while kneeling on stage.

Marina Marqueza

singer • artista • producer💧they/she💧non-binary 🧜🏼‍♀️ 🇯🇵/🇻🇪/🏳️‍🌈

Marina Marqueza is a non-binary Japanese-Venezuelan singer, producer, and visual artist based in Salt Lake City. They use they/them/theirs or she/her/hers pronouns interchangeably. They released their debut album Orbit Pluto on New Years Day 2019, coming out publicly as queer through their music at the same time. Passionate about art as activism and an outlet for healing, Marina makes genre-fluid music from the bottom of their gender fluid heart to affirm others who are marginalized in any way. She dreams of one day being able to travel and sing all over the world and have the resources to support the dreams of other queer/trans artists of color.

Photographer is Patricia Campos (instagram: @pxtricixcxmpos)

Previous Keynote Speakers:

CeCe McDonald (2018), Buck Angel (2018), Logan and Laila Ireland (2017), Captain Jessica Taylor (2016), Aydian and Jennilee Dowling (2015), Pat Manuel (2014), Ruby Corado (2013), Mara Kiesling (2012), Yasenio Lewis (2011), Alisha Lim (2010), PJ Carlisle (2009).

2019 Presenter Applications are not open yet. Stay tuned.

Your presentation/workshop topic/title.  Do you have co-presenters?  Are you or your co-presenter(s) trained, certified, or degreed in your presentation topic?   How would you like your room set up.  Do you have any AV needs beyond projection.

Who can present?

Anyone really. We’ve had a wonderful array of workshops by our youth, some folks within the community, teachers, doctors, parents and family on everything from how to train your voice to safety in public restrooms or how to fend off an attacker with self defense tactics and how to use comedy as a healing process, so the possibilities are endless! Last year, we had a presentation “Resist from Bed” for differently abled folks presented via webcam from an activist presenter who was homebound. It was perfect  to encourage and teach those who may have felt their inability to leave home whether it was a physical !mental or emotional ailment meant they couldn’t be activists and fight against oppression.

Examples of previous topics?

Trans 101, HRT FAQ |  Packing and Binding | Voice Coach Therapy | Public restroom use/rights |  How To transition at work | Makeup workshop | Families Like Ours Q & A | FTM Chest Reconstructive Surgery | Bullying at School and What To Do – Self Defense Class

Here are a few audiences you can build workshops for:


Provide practical information, tools, tips, etc. for Trans identified folks. Some ideas are: Voice coaching, Legally changing your name and gender in Utah, safe sex, etc.

General Audience

Provide practical and theoretical information for allies, partners, families, employers, students, etc on trans identities and gender non-conforming issues. Ideas include: Gender non-conforming in the media, Trans 101, Trans in the Family, Privilege, Raising Transgender, Gender Noncomforming and/or Intersex Youth, Gender Diversity through time and around the world.

Youth Track

Provide practical and theoretical information aimed for youth. Ideas include: Trans History, Coming Out to your Parents & Families, Support for Trans youth.

Conference Norms


We respect the confidentiality of each member. We encourage everyone to take away what they learned, however we do not repeat the names or identifying information. “Take the plot, leave the characters.”

Before responding or countering someone else’s idea or point of view, we “try it on.” We see how it fits before reacting. Respond instead of react.
It’s not okay to attack our blame our self or others. Disagreements should not be personal. We focus on the topic of disagreement not the person we disagree with or ourselves for being disagreed with.
We use “I” statements. We can only speak for ourselves, not all trans folks/women/people of color, etc. We practice being aware of our intentions, our biases, our privileges and our prejudices.

Most things are not mutually exclusive, black/white and either/or. We practice allowing two seemingly conflicting ideas exist together at the same time. When appropriate, we try to use “and” in place of “but.”


Sometimes the things we say to others have an impact on them that we do/did not intend and cannot control. We try to be aware of our intentions and the impact our words have on others. When we are confronted with the impact of our words on others, we accept their feelings as valid. We take responsibility for the effect of our words (whether or not that effect was intended.)


Violence whether physical or verbal will not be tolerated. If someone acts in a violent fashion, they will be asked to leave.


We are here to share and explore our own feelings and experiences; we try not to give advice.


We all benefit from each other’s experiences. We want to encourage you to actively participate. Take this opportunity to share but also to listen to the diversity of experience around you.

We give supportive attention the person who is speaking and avoid side conversations.
phones should be kept on silent or turned off. Texting and playing on your phone is not allowed as it may appear to others as a breach of privacy. Please step outside to take a call or return a text.

Everyone has the right to ask a questions and a right to refuse to answer


Be excited about commonality and difference. The participants of this conference (yourself included) represent a fabulous spectrum of identities, experiences, backgrounds values and outlooks. How can we work together to build strong communities?


Workshops may be emotionally challenging. We want people to feel safe but we recognize that difficult questions are essential to growth. Whether listening or speaking, we do so with honesty with courage.

Our Team

Nickolis Arteaga
He – Him – His

Nick Arteaga is a proud transman of color from So. Cal. Is the second oldest of ten children and cool uncle to 8 nieces and nephews. Coming from an LDS household, it wasn't until 6-7 years ago that Nick finally realized he wasn't going to hell for being queer or transgender.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close" trigclass="noarrow" startwrap="" endwrap=""]For many years, Nick lived his life in the shadows of envy for those who could live their journeys openly, unashamed. Tired of hoping and wishing, Nick started going to support groups for trans folks and since then found much needed encouragement he never had before to finally be himself. Since then, Nick enrolled @ Slcc and will be graduating with his Associates degree in Psychology Fall 2018! He's also engaged to be happily wed early 2019, to his other half, Kayla Aitken. Although an introvert, Nick has volunteered on the Genderevolution Planning Committee since 2014 and is honored to be this year's Event Director. Genderevolution is a conference for everyone who wants to better understand, LOVE and respect those who identify as trans, nonbinary and/or gender non conforming. We plan and diligently strive as a committee to make this conference a home for those who are trying to find a place in this world that does not grasp the importance and beauty of gender identity and the nuances of self expression outside of the binary. You are LOVED and this world needs you, we hope you'll find your way home @ Genderevolution; November 10, 2018 [/expand]

Kayla Aitken
She – Her – Hers

Kayla grew up in a tiny town rural Minnesota where her love of aviation grew. After serving a 2 year mission for the LDS church in Seoul Korea, she decided to follow her dream of flight at Utah Valley University.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close" trigclass="noarrow" startwrap="" endwrap=""] Her transition (and dried up funding), meant her studies would be put on hold. Now living in Salt Lake with her beau and inspiration Nick, she spends her time working at StubHub while she waits to begin her studies once more. Kayla also enjoys the sciences, politics, and her role on the Gender Evolution committee. She’s fun, witty, and committed to living life to its fullest. Kayla likes to think of herself as an environmentalist and is vegan in order to reduce her carbon footprint and help mitigate climate change. Also, she loves cheese. [/expand]

Elisa Stone
She – Her – Hers

Growing up in rural Idaho, Elisa’s childhood resembled the movie Napoleon Dynamite. She somehow escaped to become a tenured Queer Studies/English professor at Salt Lake Community College,
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close" trigclass="noarrow" startwrap="" endwrap=""] where she co-chairs the LGBTQ+ Steering Committee as well as the LGBTQ+ Awareness (Safe Zone) Committee, and she’s the advisor of the Queer Student Association. For her advocacy for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty and her dedication to service-learning and community engagement, in 2018 Elisa received the SLCC President’s Inclusivity and Equity Award. In 2015 and 2016 she traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to help Westminster College create an anti-stigma campaign for the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. Intersectionality is a passion of Elisa’s; she’s exploring the connection between human rights and animal rights. She recently certified as a vegan lifestyle coach and educator: Serving on the genderevolution Planning Committee has been her honor and privilege for the past two years: “Working with students who are marginalized and sometimes shunned from their families and communities of origin, I know first-hand how important genderevolution is, not only to create a safe and welcoming space, but also to educate and empower all who attend. Happy 10th to a conference that is affirming, enlightening, inspiring, and life-changing! Cheers to a decade of love!” [/expand]

Dyllan Halligan
He- Him – His

Meet Dyllan, a seventeen year trans male that’s trying to live his absolute best life! This young man loves dancing, coffee/tea, listening to music, and just spending time with his friends and family in general.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close" trigclass="noarrow" startwrap="" endwrap=""] Excited to start his senior year at Riverton High, Dyllan plans to graduate and is still trying to figure out what’s to come next! Dyllan is actively involved in the GenderEvolution Planning Committee as our Youth Coordinator and looks forward to continuing his volunteer work as an advocate for our ever-growing trans/nonbinary/gender nonconforming community. Dyllan can be a little shy at first, but once he steps out of his bubble, he’s a wonderful person with a fun, dorky personality. Dyllan likes to crack jokes to make others laugh and smile and his positive attitude and great smile are very contagious! [/expand]

Dallas Rivas
He- Him – His

“He’s a beast…in the kitchen. “ –Bon Appetit

“Our #1 guy for fashion advice.” –GQ

“Wish he was my personal trainer.” The Hulk

“God made him so firemen would have a hero.” –Steve Buscemi

“Everybody wants to marry him.” -Mom

Jennifer Lynn
She – Her – Hers

Happily married, Proud parent, Music lover, Hair Zapper and Trans activist working to make the world a better place. 

Miss Divine
She – Her – Hers

I have been volunteering at the Utah Pride Center since 2014.  I came out in 2015 and have been living full-time as a woman since March 2015. This is my 4th year working on the Genderevolution Conference Committee.

Image of Ira Kaufman.

Ira Kaufman
They, Them, Theirs

Ira is a thoughtful, gentle and committed member of the trans, gender non-conforming community. They have quietly lived in the shadows cross-dressing their whole life, passing as female, until April of 2019, when they decided to begin the journey of coming to terms with their non-binary-ness. Ira became involved with the genderevolution planning committee in Spring of 2019. They are also active with the [expand title=”Read More” swaptitle=”Close” trigclass=”noarrow” startwrap=”<strong>” endwrap=”</strong>”] SAGE planning committee for our elder LGBTQ+ population; building awareness in that community to the presence of trans and non-binary, gender non-conforming older adults. Ira had a previous career as a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Physical Therapist, a Somatic Movement/Dance Therapist, and a professional choreographer/dancer & musician. In their spare time, they enjoy travel, drawing/painting, working as a professional Animal Medium/Communicator and Shaman.

We are grateful for the generous support of the following presenting sponsors!

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