2019 Queer Continuum Conference

Resistance From Within

Saturday, September 28th | 11.00a-6.30p
Utah Pride Center
1380 Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

(Link to Registration will open in a new tab)

(Link to Registration will open in a new tab)

Join us for our 5th Annual Queer Continuum Conference, a B+ and Allies event..

Hosted by the 1 to 5 Club Utah, a program of the Utah Pride Center.

Our Keynote Speaker

Profile image of Shauna Brock, our keynote speaker.

Shauna Brock

(she/her) Bisexual Activist, Award-winning Queer Author, Co-Founder of 1 to 5 Club Utah

Shauna Brock is a bisexual identified poly-type dyke person who has a tendency to take on too many projects and forget that sleep is a thing. Her activism and community organizing are almost as old as she is: having grown up in community organizing spaces with her mother before joining her own groups in college. For the past 22 years, she has worked to make spaces safer for her sexually fluid family, working with groups such as BiNet Austin and of course, the 1 to 5 Club.

She is an award winning writer whose characters all seem to end up at least kind of queer, she has a tendency to fangirl and fangirl hard for other people's characters and music, and don't get her started on Star Trek. In 2005, Shauna and her sibling, Andi, co-founded the 1 to 5 Club, with the intention of giving b+ and other sexually fluid and asexual identified individuals a safe place to come out and socialize in Utah.

Website:   https://www.patreon.com/vegawriters

Publishing Credits:   https://vegawriters.wordpress.com/publishing-credits



We respect the confidentiality of each member. We encourage everyone to take away what they learned, however we do not repeat the names or identifying information. “Take the plot, leave the characters.”

Before responding or countering someone else’s idea or point of view, we “try it on.” We see how it fits before reacting. Respond instead of react.
It’s not okay to attack our blame our self or others. Disagreements should not be personal. We focus on the topic of disagreement not the person we disagree with or ourselves for being disagreed with.
We use “I” statements. We can only speak for ourselves, not all trans folks/women/people of color, etc. We practice being aware of our intentions, our biases, our privileges and our prejudices.

Most things are not mutually exclusive, black/white and either/or. We practice allowing two seemingly conflicting ideas exist together at the same time. When appropriate, we try to use “and” in place of “but.”


Sometimes the things we say to others have an impact on them that we do/did not intend and cannot control. We try to be aware of our intentions and the impact our words have on others. When we are confronted with the impact of our words on others, we accept their feelings as valid. We take responsibility for the effect of our words (whether or not that effect was intended.)


Violence whether physical or verbal will not be tolerated. If someone acts in a violent fashion, they will be asked to leave.


We are here to share and explore our own feelings and experiences; we try not to give advice.


We all benefit from each other’s experiences. We want to encourage you to actively participate. Take this opportunity to share but also to listen to the diversity of experience around you.

We give supportive attention the person who is speaking and avoid side conversations.
phones should be kept on silent or turned off. Texting and playing on your phone is not allowed as it may appear to others as a breach of privacy. Please step outside to take a call or return a text.

We are grateful for the generous support of the State of Utah Department of Health!

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