How to cope with anxiety | Olivia Remes

What if it turned out that anxiety isn’t actually our enemy? What if we suddenly realized our fear was trying to help us? What would happen if we stopped trying to fight anxiety and embraced it as a trusted friend?

Olivia Remes of the University of Cambridge shares their vision on anxiety and unravels ways to treat and manage this health disorder. Arguing that treatments such as psychotherapy and medication exist and often result in poor outcome and high rates of relapses, Olivia emphasizes the importance of harnessing strength in ourselves as we modify our problem-coping mechanisms. Olivia stresses that by allowing ourselves to believe that what happens in life is comprehensive, meaningful, and manageable, one can significantly improve their risk of developing anxiety disorders.

While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful as a complementary approach, please do not look to this talk for medical advice. This talk only represents the speaker’s personal understanding of and experiences with anxiety. If you are interested in discussing your struggle with anxiety, please reach out to the Utah Pride Center’s Community Counseling by sending a quick email to [email protected]

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