Legal name and gender marker change video (new)

The following video was produced on Friday, October 16th.

Texts from participants in the video (names redacted)

00:26:19 Person 1:, google Utah code 26211

00:26:20 Person 2: what are the financial requirements to obtain these name and sex/gender marker changes? if obtaining both will you need to pay for the processing of both separately or is it cheaper to do together?

00:26:26 Person 3: So, I was born in California, and currently reside in Utah. When asking around to change my gender marker, I have been given the runaround of being told to do the process in California, and then and when calling the California offices, they have told me that since I am not a resident of California any longer, I was told to do it in Utah. What process would I go through for this?

00:26:37 Person 4: Do you know what percentage of non-binary people pursue name and/or gender marker change?

00:29:06 Person 5: With trying to get an X gender marker, do you recommend getting the help of a lawyer? Who would you recommend? Is there a way to do so without the help of a lawyer that won’t get rejected in court?

00:29:53 Person 4: Since there are some documents that don’t allow X gender marker, does having different documents with different gender markers lead to any legal troubles?

00:32:42 Person 6: I’m curious about X gender markers too. Is there any difference in filing paperwork? Since Utah doesn’t have any specific paperwork for gender change.

00:36:29 Person 2: how does it affect tax filing if within a financial year your name changes?

00:38:57 Person 6: With document inconsistencies, they allow X markers on passports now don’t they? As long as you have your name change paperwork and documents from your doctor.

00:39:37 Person 7: How long does the name and gender marker change take in general?

00:41:24 Person 2: does anyone know their website?

00:41:28 Person 8: This is a good explanation of the latest in the Zzyym v. Pompeo case regarding X gender marker on passports.

00:41:39 Person 4: The previous presentation about name/gender changes in Utah said that local judges are “old-school” and won’t approve your request if you don’t present as your gender. Have you seen issues with non-binary people getting approvals?

00:45:36 Person 6: If you choose to represent yourself in the filing and it gets rejected based on the murkiness of the law regarding non-binary markers, what happens then? Can you appeal?

00:47:06 Person 9: What kind of advice can you grant to individuals who are trying to represent themselves in a case of name & gender marker change to X/nonbinary?

00:54:35 Person 9: If you have a hearing date already scheduled, can you hire an attorney or is it too late once you’ve filed?

00:54:43 Person 2: THANK YOU!

00:54:52 Person 9: And thank you!

00:55:06 Person 6: Thank you!

00:55:22 Person 4: Thank you so much for your help!

00:55:31 Person 3: Thank you!

00:56:10 Person 10: Thank you this is such great information and we appreciate your time!!

00:56:33 Person 1: 8016493529

00:56:47 Person 1: [email protected]

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