National Coming Out Day (Text with painted diagonal rainbow stripes).

National Coming Out Day

On National Coming Out Day, our Road Rally will bring together the LGBTQ+ communities and the allies and supporters for an event that promises to be a one of a kind experience.

vehicleCommunity members will sign up to participate in this unique event using the software that enables them to fundraise and drive supporters to help raise money for their team and thus the Pride Center. Anyone and everyone will be welcome to participate and “come out” on October 11th, to show their Pride and see our community celebrating on National Coming Out Day.

On October 11th, our communities will gather in their cars, safely, and using Covid-19 protocols. Each car or vehicle will meet at one of the 14 staging points across the valley and will then proceed to the route in convoy. Once they get to Main Street, Salt Lake City, they will proceed through the “sponsor pits”, where they will be able to take photos in their cars, see sponsor support and celebrate with our corporate sponsors. Along the rally route, which goes past the Utah Pride Center, there will be entertainment, fun and Pride festivities.

Opportunities for sponsors include recognition at various parts of the Road Rally route, advertising opportunities, sponsor pits, private roadside viewing stations, vehicle entries for your organization and much more!

“Come Out of Your Homes & Drag Main!”

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