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Nominations for 2021 TATA Award

The TATA stands for Transgender Advocacy TEAM Award (Transgender Education Awareness Month).

Just as there are many supporting and active groups evoking real change within the community, there are also individuals who could be called the crème de la crème in terms of their devotion, integrity and dedication to LGBTQ+ advocacy/activism, mainly focusing on the transgender and non binary community.

The TATA is an homage to an individual who has made meaningful contributions to Utah’s transgender, gender variant, gender-queer, and gender questioning community throughout the past year. Overall, their time and energy is spent creating a more inclusive and accessible environment for all of us whether it’s through activism, advocacy, outreach and/or education. The TATA award is meant to recognize a special someone who has done significant work that has positively impacted our local transgender and nonbinary community in more ways than one.

This year’s recipient should be someone who embodies all of the aforementioned qualities and who you believe deserves to win this prestigious award.

Please share your nomination for this award and why you nominated them.

Thank you!

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