Group shot of People of the Utah Pride Center. Background is green, and the text is The People of the Utah Pride Center.

The People Of The Utah Pride Center

This year instead of us telling you how great the Pride Center is, we thought we’d let members of the community speak for themselves. We invite you to read our stories and find out about our communities and community center while considering your year-end giving.

Roberto and his daughter Xiomara

I want people to know that there’s definitely room for everyone.
There’s definitely someone here that you can relate to.

― Roberto

Wendy and her son Oliver

Image of Wendy and her Son Michael.

The Pride Center has been a safe place where I can take off my public face and talk about the real stuff, including parenting a trans kid, and the unique challenges of that.

― Wendy

Nikki Boyer

Image of Nikki Boyer.

I’ve been involved with the Pride Center for quite a while and I just love to see the growth and the progress that we’ve made over the years.

― Nikki

Sue Robbins

Image of Sue Robbins.

I have been more connected to the community, grown life-long friendships, and have performed fulfilling work in service of others.

― Sue

Hillary McDaniel

Image of Hillary McDaniel.

[The Pride Center] has given me tools to thrive and as well a community to engage with - to reach out for support and to give support.

― Hillary


In this space I’m free to get what I need and experience myself more than I typically can. It has been a liberating and eye opening experience.

― Diana


Image of Stephanie.

It's a warm place where I can be comfortable, where I don't need to worry about being misgendered.

― Stephanie

Nick Arteaga

Image of Nick Orteaga.

My work here has given me the amazing opportunity to watch our extended family grow into their own.

― Nick

Kayla Aitken

Image of Kayla Aitken.

The Utah Pride Center, to me, is a home away from home, a family and a shoulder to cry on. It’s is an environment that gives one the opportunity to grow and see oneself in a new and more positive light.

― Kayla

Winslow Young

Image of Winslow Young.

The Pride Center made me realize that there was a whole community of people like me. It is so important for there to be strong, supportive LGBTQ+ organizations like the Pride Center here in Utah.

― Winslow
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