Suicide Prevention

If you or someone you know is in crisis call
the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or
text CONNECT to 741741 for the National Crisis Text Line.

Who We Are

The Suicide Prevention and Services Department was started at the Utah Pride Center in 2020. The Pride Center has been providing suicide prevention services for years but realized the need for a dedicated department and team to address all aspects of suicide in the LGBTQ+ community from early intervention and prevention to postvention support on a state-wide level. This department operates under the three pillars of Education, Resources, and Support and serves the entire state of Utah.

Why Are We Here

Utah’s suicide rate is 34% higher than the national average (Live On Utah, 2020). An average of 627 Utahns die from suicide and 4,574 Utahns attempt suicide each year (Utah Department of Health 2015-2017 data). Rates for suicide attempts are 3-4x higher for LGB and 8-10x higer for Transgender individuals (The Trevor Project stats from CDC, 2016).

What can you do to help

  • Take suicide prevention training
  • Help us spread suicide prevention resources
  • Help normalize conversations surrounding mental health and suicide
  • Encourage others to seek help
  • Work to become an LGBTQ+ ally

Sign up to receive a free suicide prevention box!

Prevention Boxes have been created by our team as a way to safely and efficiently get prevention materials to organizations across Utah. These boxes contain materials with crisis hotlines such as posters, business cards, buttons, magnets, stickers, bookmarks, etc. This gives your organization the opportunity to display the resources and make them available to clients who enter your spaces. Click here for the sign up form. 

Attend a Q.P.R. Suicide Prevention Training!

QPR stands for Question Persuade and Refer. These are action steps outlined in this form of suicide prevention training. After completing QPR Gatekeeper Training participants should be able to 1) recognize someone at risk for suicide 2) intervene with those at risk 3) refer them to an appropriate resource. Check our event calendar to see when the next training will be held and see more details on how to sign up. 

Request Q.P.R. Suicide Prevention Training for your team!

If you have 5 or more team members who would like to be trained you can request a private training by clicking this link to the request form

When you donate to our department your funds help cover costs for:

  • Suicide prevention training and books
  • Printing and distributing suicide prevention materials
  • Suicide prevention events
  • Printing and distributing our suicide loss guided therapy workbooks
  • Travel to rural parts of Utah to present training and resources

Meet Out Staff:

Department Manager – Katie Perkins (she/her) 
Youth Specialist – Kelsey Kehoe (they/them) 
Postvention Team member – Sarah McCombie (she/her) 
Prevention Team member – Brandon Devlin (he/him) 

Contact us: Email

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