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Your Pride Center has been hard at work to ensure that the important and life saving services and resources of our Center are available to all who need them. We have been so proud of being one of the few Centers across the USA that has stayed (virtually) open and providing the services and support that our communities need. 

This newsletter lets you know about three exciting pieces of news that we have:

First, it introduces you to our wonderful new team members – Kelsey and Jonathan. They are part of the team who have been brought on board as we restructure and consider a Pride Center that survives and thrives through Covid-19 and beyond. We welcome their talents, their excitement, and know that the Utah Pride Center is lucky to have them. 

Second, we have some information and links to information about our fundraiser and community event that we are calling Pride 2.0 – Road Rally. WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT! We know it is going to be a fun day and we hope that you might consider signing up, fundraising through our platforms, and coming out on October 11th to “drag Main”. Please follow the links and the information for any further content or questions you have. 

Third, we have information about the SUICIDE HOTLINE created by the Suicide Prevention and Resources team for our communities. 

We hope you enjoy the opportunity to continue to connect and take advantage of the wonderful work and services, we continue to offer. Please spend some time on our new website and our social media sites in order to find out more.

Yours in Pride, 



The process of finding Kelsey and Jonathan and then inviting them to join our team was a robust and throrough one.

For each of the positions there were over 25 applicants for the role. There were two rounds of recruitment and advertising, a varied selection panel and some long hard discussions held for each role.

The positions were advertised through Centerlink; UPC Webpage and UNA in the first round, and in the second round for the Associate Executive Director role, we also extended the application advertising and information to organizations such as ACLU, NAACP; UofU LGBTQ+ Resource Center; Urban Indian Center, Communidas Unidas and Latino Behavioral Health.

For each of the positions, there was a team which read through all of the resumes and considered each one against the job description and the set of skills we were looking for.

Meetings were held to consider the resume assessments, then the decision to call some people was our next step. There were approximately 5 people per role, who were offered an interview. In the case of the Associate Director position, the interview panel consisted of a Business and Process Professional; People and HR Professional; Development and Fundraising Professional and UPC Executive Director. For the Youth Services Manager, the interview panel consisted of a young person, a parent, the Youth, Family and Education Director, and the Executive Director.

After this process, we were pleased to invite Kelsey to join our team. Jonathan and two other candidates went through to a further set of interviews, with a Community Panel, and a UPC Staff Panel. Each person in these panels was approached and the different candidates discussed. After going back to the original Selection Panel, we were happy to make the recommendation to ask Jonathan if he wanted to be part of the team. 

Kelsey Kehoe <they/them> – Youth Services Manager

Kelsey earned their Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of San Diego. They are a volunteer Crisis Counselor with the Crisis Text Line. Over the last two years that they’ve been with the Crisis Text Line, they have had over 450 conversations with individuals experiencing various crises, including suicidal ideation, grief, panic attacks and anxiety, as well as coming out. 
They originally joined the Utah Pride Center as the Suicide Prevention and Services Coordinator, and recently transitioned to the Youth, Family, and Education Manager. They firmly believe in being the person they needed when they were younger, so they are excited to help foster welcoming and supportive environments for LGBTQIA+ youth across Utah. Their passion lies in improving services for traditionally underserved populations, especially for LGBTQIA+ youth. 
When they are not working at the UPC, they are likely hiking through one of Utah’s National Parks, rock climbing, doing a puzzle with their girlfriend, or walking their 100-pound Great Pyrenees/Lab mix through the park. Feel free to connect with Kelsey at 

Jonathan Foulk <he/him> – Associate Executive Director

I am so excited to join the Utah Pride Center Family as Associate Executive Director. With over ten years of non-profit and fundraising experience I look forward to working with the Utah community. I know first-hand how important the work of the Center is. Our Mental Health and Suicide Prevention programs are very personal to me. I am here because I want to elevate our voice across Utah. Making sure we are providing the best programs and services to our community.

Creating a safe place for all, knowing that the Center is a home. I trilled to join this lifesaving organization. I look forward to getting to know each our of supporters, volunteers and members. Feel free to reach out to me and say hi!

Please help your Pride Center by considering signing up to take part in the rally, or come and volunteer to help out, or consider donating to a team or to the Center. More information can be found on our website at

September is suicide prevention month

One of our newest offerings is a Suicide Loss Support Line. If you experience the loss of a loved one by suicide call us at 1-833-LOSS-UPC (833-567-7872) to receive free grief and bereavement counseling sessions.

After the initial sessions, we will help you get connected to LGBTQ+ affirming therapists in your area of the state (in-person or telehealth) for longer-term solutions. For questions email

Road Rally Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for Volunteers for the first Utah Pride Road Rally on National Coming Out Day, October 11, 2020!

Fill out the application here:
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