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Pride Information & FAQs

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General Pride Information:

  1. The Utah Pride Center is planning a 2021 Pride Week Celebration for June 1st-7th.
  2. The 2021 Celebration will consist of in-person events, that are Covid Safe and include CDC requirements of social distancing & masks wearing.
  3. Flag Raising & Pride Month Proclamation at the SL City/County Building. (June 1)
  4. Pride Story Garden – Our History, Our Stories, Our Communities.
    An “a-maze-ing” outdoor interactive exhibit on Washington Square. (June 3-7)
  5. Pride In The Sky – Loud & Proud. A fireworks display. (June 5) (Dependent upon funding)
  6. Rainbow March & Rally – Raise Our Voices. Starting at the State Capitol and proceeding down State Street & Harvey Milk Boulevard. (June 6)
  7. Story Garden tickets are day and time specific, with a limited number of guests allowed into the garden at any one time.
  8. Tickets, Details and Pride Week Volunteer Applications are now live
  9. Due to Covid-19, a Pride Festival is not safely possible in 2021, this includes no food vendors, beverages, exhibitors, stages, live entertainers, etc., but hopefully in 2022.
  10. Due to Covid-19, a Pride Parade is not safely possible in 2021 either, hopefully in 2022.


Q — What to do the $$$ designations mean on the Story Garden Ticketing page?

A — Due to Covid we are very limited to the number of people who can attend each day.  In order to encourage people to attend during the off-peak times, we have discounted the pricing during those days. Similar to a restaurant menu.  As an example, the adult Story Garden tickets are as follows:
$15 – Thursday
$20 – Friday
$25 – Saturday
$25 – Sunday
$15 – Monday

The Utah Pride Week Celebration is a program & fundraiser of the Utah Pride Center.

Logo - Utah Pride Week

1380 Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84115 I 801-539-8800

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