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Pride Information & FAQs

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Tickets are available now and access is limited to maintain social distancing, so get your tickets online now at  Discount tickets are also available during weekdays.  Friends & Families of 4 or groups of 20 can come together and save with Pride Packages.  All funds raised will be used to make 2021’s unique Pride Week Celebration possible and support the year-round lifesaving programs and services of the Utah Pride Center.

Consider being a Unicorn Donor.  Unicorn Donors are individuals who when buying their own ticket(s) and donate extra funds to help low income members of our community.  These donations fund the Unicorn Scholarship Fund which is used to provide tickets for those who cannot afford to attend.  Members of the community are then invited to apply for tickets by completing the online application at

General Pride Information:

  1. The Utah Pride Center is planning a 2021 Pride Week Celebration for June 1st-7th.
  2. The 2021 Celebration will consist of in-person events, that are Covid Safe and include CDC requirements of social distancing & masks wearing.
  3. Flag Raising & Pride Month Proclamation at the SL City/County Building. (June 1)
  4. Pride Story Garden – Our History, Our Stories, Our Communities.
    An “a-maze-ing” outdoor interactive exhibit on Washington Square. (June 3-7)
  5. Rainbow March & Rally – Raise Our Voices. Starting at the State Capitol and proceeding down State Street & Harvey Milk Boulevard. (June 6)
  6. Story Garden tickets are day and time specific, with a limited number of guests allowed into the garden at any one time.
  7. Tickets, Details and Pride Week Volunteer Applications are now live
  8. Due to Covid-19, a Pride Festival is not safely possible in 2021, this includes no food vendors, beverages, exhibitors, stages, live entertainers, etc., but hopefully in 2022.
  9. Due to Covid-19, a Pride Parade is not safely possible in 2021 either, hopefully in 2022.


Question — What do the $$$ designations mean on the Story Garden Ticketing page?

Answer — Due to Covid we are very limited to the number of people who can attend each day.  In order to encourage people to attend during the off-peak times, we have discounted the pricing during those days. Similar to a restaurant menu.  As an example, the adult Story Garden tickets are as follows:
$15 – Thursday
$20 – Friday
$25 – Saturday
$25 – Sunday
$15 – Monday

Question – Are pets allowed within the Pride Story Garden?

Answer – Like the Pride Festival, pets are not allowed into the grounds as always.  This includes no comfort, emotional support, companionship or crime deterrent animals are allowed.  Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome and must be kept on a leash and the owner is responsible for cleaning up after a service animal.

Question – Are pets allowed in the Rainbow March?

Answer – We would encourage you to leave pets at home where it is safe avoid the heat, pavement and crowds.  The March is three miles of hot asphalt pavement.  Water stations are not provided, so for the care and safety of your pets, they would be best served at home.

Question – Will there be live entertainment at the Pride Story Garden?

Answer – Unlike the Pride Festival, the story garden is a unique outdoor exhibit with fun elements to entertain our guest, sans any live entertainers.

Question – Will there be food and beverages at the Pride Story Garden?

Answer – Due to covid restrictions still in place, we are unable to effectively manage food and beverage sales.  Water will be available within the garden, empty water bottles are welcome and free bottled water is included with a Garden Games Gift Bag purchase.

Question – How do I get tickets?

Answer – All tickets are purchased via our online portal which manages the number of people allowed into the garden at any one time.  Simply pick your day and time you would like to attend and confirm availability.

Question – Can we walk up to the Story Garden Box Office and buy tickets?

Answer – Yes, if they are available.  All tickets must be purchase via the online portal.

Question – What happens if I show up late?

Answer – Each ticket holder is given for options per hour to attend.  Guest will then have a 15 minute window to arrive and enter the Pride Story Garden, please arrive early.  Tickets are only valid for this stated entry time and late arrivals are not guaranteed admission.  All ticket sales are 100% non-refundable.

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The Utah Pride Week Celebration is a program & fundraiser of the Utah Pride Center.

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