1 To 5 Club

Our B+ (Bi, Pan, Ace, and beyond) Community

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Program Description:

The 1 to 5 Club is a program of the Utah Pride Center designed to reach out to the sexually fluid communities of Utah, including those who identify as bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and beyond.

Our mission is to strive to create safe spaces at the intersection of our sexual, gender, ability, and racial identities.

The 1 to 5 Club aims to teach each other about our communities; provide access for the sexually fluid communities of Utah to social opportunities, networking opportunities, and peer supported conversations; and to actively interrogate and confront the interacting systems of oppression impacting our individual experiences.

The 1 to 5 Club meets weekly, every Monday from 7:30-9:00 at the Utah Pride Center.

  • 1st Monday: Game Night
  • 2nd Monday: Peer Support
  • 2nd Wednesday: Coffee Night
  • 3rd Monday: Radical Reading
  • 3rd Wednesday: Ace Discussion Group
  • 3rd Saturday: Brunch @ Squatters
  • 4th Monday: Discussion Group
  • 5th Monday: Art and Activism
  • Sundays: Sustainability Team Meeting (planning meetings)
Annual Events:
  • Aromantic Awareness Week: week following Valentines Day (social media and group discussion focused)
  • Pansexual Pride Day (May)
  • Utah Pride
  • B+ Awareness Month (september)
  • Queer Continuum Conference
  • Asexual Awareness Week (October)
Current Sustainability Team/Group Members:
Shauna, Joni, Charlie, Kenan, Caleb, Stefani, Rowan, Salvador

Upcoming Events:

Note: Events shown here have a tag of "1-to-5-club". If your event isn't showing up here, this is probably the reason 🙂

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