Sage Utah

SAGE Utah focuses on meeting the following needs and quality of life for LGBTQ adults as they age.

Social Needs (events, activities, functions, gatherings, outings, travel, networking)

Emotional Needs (relationships, love, care giving & care taking, companionship, friendship development, support systems)

Physical Needs (housing & intentional communities, healthcare, transportation, financial, sexual health and well-being, exercise)

Mental Needs (learning, growing, forums, lectures, panels, presentations, workshops, support groups, expanding mindsets)

Spiritual Needs (connectivity, self-awareness, renewal, self-enlightenment, reinvention and evolving)

SAGE Utah is divided into 5 affiliate Utah regions with a master strategy of Support, Advocacy, and Celebration for Sagers throughout the state.

Embracing the SAGE within, building awareness, outreach, support programs, activities, events, education, and information sharing are at the very core of SAGE Utah’s mission. SAGE Utah also offers multi-generational historical sharing, performing and visual arts mentoring.

Additionally, a series in sexual health and well-being, spiritual healing and recovery, caregiving and caregiver support, shifting the aging mindset, legal rights and benefits, intentional communities, resource sharing, time banks, and much more.

There are regularly scheduled SAGE activities, events, potlucks, performing and visual art outings, as well as other chances to meet with others to learn, laugh, understand, and share.