Rainbow Wellness connects LGBTQIA+ community members and allies by providing wellness opportunities that nurture health and authenticity in mind, body, and soul. Let’s learn, grow, and have fun together!

Current & Upcoming Classes

All classes are online (virtual) unless specified otherwise.

Event TitleRegistrationDateTimeDay
Dancing Through Dysphoria 14-18REGISTERMay 184:00 pm - 5:00 pmTue 🔁
Community Yin Yoga for Stress ReductionREGISTERMay 207:45 pm - 8:45 pmThu 🔁
Yoga for Being with Your Body (Just as you are)REGISTERMay 245:00 pm - 6:15 pmMon 🔁

Many more classes to come for all interests, ability levels, QBIPOC, and more!  Interested in teaching a class? Interested in class modifications for your specific ability? Email

Rainbow Wellness Values

  • Creating connections between LGBTQIA2S+ communities and allies
  • Affirming and safe wellness opportunities for all identities and abilities 
  • Experiential learning that cultivates growth, healing and joy
  • Fostering courage, trust, kindness, curiosity and harmony 
  • The wisdom, autonomy and interdependence of every person
  • Honoring North, South, East and West global wellness traditions and lineages
  • Love and respect for self, others, community, and planet

For questions about Rainbow Wellness or to apply to be an instructor please email:

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Dancing Through Dysphoria

Dancing Through Dysphoria This dance class is about having fun, exploration and finding moments of body euphoria, together! 18+, LGBTQIA2S+ safe For this course, there…
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