Meet Our Instructors

Lindsay Garvey (she/Her)

Lindsay Garvey (she/her) holds an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology and has a background in dramatic arts, dance, and creative writing. She is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and has volunteered as an integration coach. As a therapist, Lindsay approaches therapy as a creative pursuit rooted in clinical analysis. Her approach focuses on mind, body, and spirit connection through the dismantling of internalized structures and de-conditioning.  Her goal is to help each of her clients discover how to thrive as their most authentic self. 

Karen Tao (she/Her)

I’m Karen Tao (she/her). I moved to Utah from Asia in 2000 and found yoga around 2010. It wasn’t until 2020 for me to realize what a lifeline yoga has been for me, when some days all I could do was breathe and be grateful for each breath. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at our local studio Salt Lake Power Yoga where I also teach at. I hope to share this passion with my community and help others deepen their self-love. 

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Chalese Meyer (she/Her)

Chalese Meyer (she/her) is a Utah Pride Center clinical intern attending the University of Utah’s Masters of Social Work program. She is a valuable member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and is passionate about advocating for the rights and inclusion of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. Chalese is a born and raised Utahan living the outdoor dream with her dog Solo and partner Jenteal. She works with underserved youth as a recreational therapist teaching creative healing methods and leisure activities to improve their skills, abilities, and overall health. She dreams of opening an LGBTQIA2S+ group home for unsheltered youth while providing a holistic experience combined with recreational therapy, psychoeducation, and drug/addiction rehabilitation. Chalese lives an active life, running marathons, riding motorcycles, snowboarding/skiing, backpacking, and all things outdoors. She uses yoga in her everyday life to reduce her risk of injury and increase her mind and body awareness. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade now and attends a local hot studio every morning

Michelle Anklan.

Michelle Anklin (she/they)

The first time I tried Yin yoga I hated it! It was only after a prolonged knee injury that I learned how magical the practice of slowing down and tuning in with your mind and body can be. This forced lifestyle change led me to attend a 100-hour yin yoga training in Mexico through Annie Au Yoga and I later earned my 200-hour Hatha yoga training in Barcelona.

Classes They Teach

Community Yin Yoga for Stress Reduction

Moudi Sbeity.

Moudi Sbeity (pronouns: Moudi)

Moudi Sbeity (pronouns: Moudi) is a writer and local business owner living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Moudi immigrated from Lebanon to the United States in 2006, and settled in Utah – exploring it’s inviting and wild terrains. Moudi has a special interest in spirituality, presence, and poetry, and is committed to navigating and guiding others into self awareness, love, and life’s wondrous affirmations. Moudi’s time is spent reading, writing, climbing, and building relationships. Moudi is a committed member and advocate of the queer community and its collective healing.

Classes They Teach

River Writing – Wisdom of The Sages

Emma Zevallos (she/her)

Emma Zevallos es la ex directora asistente de UCASA que comenzó en este puesto en noviembre de 2020. Emma comenzó en el Centro de Recuperación por Violación como voluntaria en mayo de 2016, poco después de que la contrataran como personal del Equipo de Respuesta del Hospital, donde abogaba para sobrevivientes de agresión sexual en diferentes sistemas de servicios para víctimas.

A través de su experiencia práctica como consejera de crisis en el Equipo de Respuesta del Hospital, aportó una gran cantidad de conocimientos al lado de la prevención de la defensa de la agresión sexual y fue promovida a Educadora de Prevención Primaria donde interactuó con la comunidad para ayudar a educar y promover relaciones saludables. y conocimiento general sobre la violencia sexual.

Después de pasar tiempo en el campo de la prevención, la llamaron para trabajar más de cerca con los sobrevivientes y aceptó un puesto como defensora de enlace con el cliente, donde actuó como un puente para los sobrevivientes y trabajó para conectarlos con recursos y referencias en función de sus necesidades individuales. Luego, fue promovida al puesto de Coordinadora de Clientes para el Centro de Recuperación por Violación y trabajó en la supervisión de la operación diaria de la línea de crisis de 24 horas y es líder del Equipo de Respuesta del Hospital, con énfasis en la atención al cliente y el cierre. lagunas en el servicio.

El viaje de sanación de Emma comenzó en 2016 y se convirtió en maestra de Reiki en 2016 y profesora de meditación en 2020. Emma interconecta la práctica del cuidado personal, la aceptación radical y el amor propio en sus prácticas de sanación. El propósito de la vida de Emma es enseñar e inspirar a otros a encontrar su curación durante este enorme despertar que estamos experimentando actualmente en la tierra. Ayudando a elevar y enseñar a otros cómo elevar y mantener los niveles vibratorios y poder trascender como colectivo como la humanidad.

Emma Zevallos is the former Assistant Director at UCASA she started in this role in November 2020. Emma started at the Rape Recovery Center as a volunteer in May of 2016, shortly after she was hired on as a staff on the Hospital Response Team where she advocated for survivors of sexual assault across different victim services systems. 

Through her hands-on experience as a crisis counselor on the Hospital Response Team, she brought a wealth of knowledge to the prevention side of sexual assault advocacy and was promoted to Primary Prevention Educator where she interacted with the community to help educate and promote healthy relationships and overall knowledge about sexual violence.

After spending time in the prevention field, she was called to work more closely with survivors and accepted a position as Client Liaison Advocate where she acted as a bridge for survivors and worked to connect them to resources and referrals based on their individual needs. Then, she was promoted to the Client Coordinator position for the Rape Recovery Center and worked at overseeing the day-to-day operation of the 24-hour crisis line and is leadership for the Hospital Response Team, with an emphasis on client care and closing gaps in service. 

Emma’s healing journey started in 2016 and she became a Reiki Master in 2016 and a Meditation Teacher in 2020. Emma interconnects the practice of self-care, radical acceptance, and self-love into her healing practices. Emma’s life purpose is to teach and inspire others to find their healing during this massive awakening that we are currently experiencing today in the earth. By helping to raise and teach others to how to raise and sustain the vibrational levels and to be able to transcend as a collective as humanity.

Classes They Teach

Meditation to Connect with Your High Self

Wendy Taylor.

Wendy Taylor (she/her)

Wendy has been practicing yoga since 1998, and teaching since 2001, where she completed her yoga teacher training at The Mindful Body, in San Francisco.  She is a recent graduate of the  California Institute of Integral Studies with an MA in Integrative Psychology.  She is currently working as a therapist at California Pacific Medical Center in the Castro District of San Francisco. She has been working with  patients in the transgender community who are getting gender confirmation surgery, and has been honored to have the opportunity. Wendy is dedicated to helping all beings on the journey of self discovery, self love and accepting ourselves just the way we are. She knows this isn’t easy and takes time and patience! Her first career was that of an actor and comedian, and although she takes this practice  seriously, doesn’t take herself very seriously, and encourages laughter and play.

Classes They Teach

Yoga For Being With Your Body (Just as it is)

Christine (she/they)

Christine (she/they) is a parent to two young children, an avid gardener and plant mom, and a small business owner. She has worked in childcare and disability-related industries her entire adult life including boots-on-the-ground jobs and direct-care jobs. With this eclectic experience, they founded The Stimmy Store, a sensory-inspired shop in Provo, Utah, under the philosophy that “sensory wellness” is a key ingredient to overall wellness. 

Christine loves to connect a broad range of topics such as architecture, Buddhism, psychology, trauma studies, and gardening into a holistic approach to mindfulness and self-care. In her workshops, she hopes to get people feeling better in their bodies and to feel more equipped to modify their sensory environments to support wellbeing.

Classes They Teach

Exploration in Embodiment: Caring for Your Sensory Wellness

Angela (she/her)

Angela spends her time with her spouse, two children, two standard poodles, and her work as an occupational therapy assistant (OTA) in the school setting. 

After many years of exploring various interests ranging from art and dance to teaching and sociology, Angela finally earned her BA in History from UVU in 2013. In 2017 she completed her OTA degree from SLCC and obtained her certification to practice occupational therapy. She has practiced in the rehabilitation and school settings.

Angela has many interests which she dabbles in, including art, crafting, reading, camping. Over the last year and half she has been studying Buddhism, which has grown and encouraged her two greatest passions, getting to know people and better understanding them.

Classes They Teach

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