Sensory Wellness

Would you prefer rollercoasters or watching a sunset?  Do you prefer a hand wave or a hug?  When you feel anxious, does it help to have something in your hands?

Our senses are the gateway between our internal world and our external world.  For each sense -touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, proprioception, and more- a person may experience themselves as seeking, neutral, or avoidant. Maybe you enjoy loud music and dislike strong smells.  Maybe you love big hugs and silence.  Our senses also play a big role in calming or exciting our nervous system.  If you are feeling low energy, it might feel enlivening to turn on colorful lights and jump around.  If you are feeling anxious it might help to give yourself a hug or doodle with pen and paper.  Getting to know what supports your sensory wellbeing can make a hug difference in your day!

Check back for classes and workshops. 

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