Our Pride Center has had to adapt and change to confront the contem-porary Covid-19 reality. This Center is a space that is fearless in its sup-port of our communities and their needs. At this point in time, the Center understands the importance of the role it plays in providing important and life-saving community resources for the LGBTQ+ commu-nities of Utah, as well as bringing the Queer communities of Utah together to celebrate our identities, our connection and our shared life experiences. We are a space that is vital to the overall wellbeing of our communities and we have had to adapt to carefully and deliberately consider the ways in which we can fundraise.

Our Center has envisioned a 2020 Covid-19 Road Rally in order to bring our community together. This Pride 2.0 plan is aimed at uniting our com-munities through the shared experience of driving together, in Pridefully decorated cars and vehicles, down Main Street, Salt Lake City. This oŽers an opportunity for all members of the community, our allies, our sup-porters and the corporate partners to come together, help fundraise for our Center and be seen celebrating our own, in a safe and fun manner.

We hope you are able to join us, and also consider supporting this worthy cause through sponsorship of the event. Your help and support will contribute to our work and aŽect our communities in significant and life changing ways.

Executive Director: Utah Pride Center

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The Utah Pride Center needs your help to provide life-saving programs to utah's LGBTQ+ community!