Representation Matters

Recently, Salt Lake City Council Members were sworn into office — the most diverse body of council members in the city’s history.


We want to congratulate the @slccounil members who were sworn in during the Oath of Office Ceremony at the Salt Lake City and County Building on Monday, January 3rd.

The council is more diverse than ever before with members who are mostly racial and ethnic minorities, and who mostly identify as LGBTQ+.

Having representation across all identities of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socioeconomic status create an impact in the health and effectiveness of our democracy.

The Salt Lake City Council offers an example of how a diverse body of leaders can represent a diverse population. Congratulations to the entire Salt Lake City Council.

Council members include:

  • Victoria Petro-Eschler,
  • Alejandro Puy,
  • Darin Mano,
  • Chris Wharton,
  • Amy Fowler,
  • Ana Valdemoros, and
  • Dan Dugan.
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