How to Healthily Parent Kids During Crisis

Internpersonal Neurobiology & Attachment Theory



Kristin M. Snowden, MA is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California (#81413) who specializes in intimacy disorders, addiction recovery, and infidelity/betrayal trauma.

Kristin discusses theories and concepts from Dr Dan Siegal's book The Power of Showing Up and applies its tools to help us navigate parenting during crisis. Kristin psychoeducates on attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology to provide context to creating healthy, securely attached children during times of threat, struggle, and crisis.


The book Kristin references in the webinar is The Power of Showing Up by Dan Siegal, MD and Tina Payne Bryson, PhD For more info on webinars and other great resources: [email protected]

This is a full, unedited version of a monthly webinar that Kristin conducts every SECOND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH 9:30 AM (pacific time) LINK TO WEBINAR: https://www.SexandRelationshipHealing... Co-hosted by Tami VerHelst [email protected]

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