LGBTQ+ Discrimination in the Workplace: Laws, Barriers, and Resources

Recognizing LGBTQ+ Discrimination in the Workplace:
The first step to stopping discrimination in your workplace is being able to recognize where and how discrimination takes place, both from an internal and external perspective. LGBTQ+ persons may experience discrimination from any part of their work experience, but most commonly it can be seen:

During hiring and recruitment;
In shared or public office spaces;
From fellow employees or administrators;
In wage negotiations or pay gaps.

Discrimination or harassment in all these areas can make completing tasks, taking disciplinary action, and even reporting harassment unnecessarily difficult or uncomfortable.
This resource from provides a breakdown of what constitutes harassment in these areas, what legal recourse might be available, and how to use resources and allies to improve and protect your working experience.
Note from the resource authors at
This resource is being updated based on the recent Supreme Court decision that it is a violation of federal law to discriminate against the LGBTQ+ Community in the workplace. Clearly we’re going to have to make some major revisions to the piece, but the guide is still full of information to help people recognize discrimination and understand legal resources that they have access to.

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