masina fa'alauiloa ole soifua maloloina ole mafaufau

Ole masina ole Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s a time to reflect on our own needs as humans living in a stressful world in need of relief, peace of mind, and a focus on wellness. We invite you to prioritize your mental health first and evaluate your psychological health. Ask yourself if you’re getting enough rest,

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IHC Earns Prestigious 2022 LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader Designation for Providing Equitable and Inclusive Care to the Community

Being able to get equitable healthcare in our community is a major leap forward. Let’s hope this trend continues to grow. Thirteen Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in Utah have earned the prestigious 2022 “LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader” designation from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for policies and programs to ensure equitable and inclusive care is provided

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O le aso nei o le International Asexuality Day!

Ole aso nei ole aso fa'ava-o-malo ole fa'afeusuaiga

In a world where being Asexual or “Ace” is considered a problem to be fixed — let’s take some time out today to learn more about what Asexuality is and why we celebrate those who identify as Ace! International Asexuality Day (IAD) is a coordinated worldwide campaign promoting the ace umbrella, including demisexual, grey-asexual and

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Fa'afou Vaiaso Fa'amaualuga


EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS MARCH 31ST If you plan on participating in the Pride Parade or getting a booth at the Pride Festival, early bird pricing ends March 31st and requires 3 easy steps: Submit your application and pay the $25 application fee Wait for application to be processed and approved Once approved, pay the

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Fa'atasiga e lagolago ai Autalavou Transgender. Le taimi: Mati 24th. O fea: Utah State Capitol, South Steps. Taimi: 6pm i le 7:30pm. Aumai au fa'ailoga ma ou leo ​​ma fa'aali atu le alofagia o talavou fa'afeusuaiga!

Fa'atasiga e Lagolagoina Autalavou Transgender

The Utah Pride Center is quickly organizing a Rally on the South steps of the Utah State Capitol after learning that Utah legislators intend on overriding the Governor’s veto on HB11 which bans transgender youth from participating in school sports. Please help us spread the word so we can show transgender youth they are loved

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Vaega Lagolago a Tina

Auai matou i afiafi o Aso Lulu mai le 6-7:30 pm mai le taimi nei seia oo ia Aperila 4th. Faatumu le fomu lea e amata ai: So'oga ile Pepa Fa'aaogā

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