A new study will examine how gender-based violence plays out in the lives of women, including sexual and gender minority women (e.g., lesbian, bisexual, transgender) in university contexts.

Study on Gender-Based Violence


We are excited to announce the launching a new study examining gender-based violence targeting sexual and gender minorities (SGM), particularly women (e.g., lesbian, bisexual, transgender) in university contexts. Due to the stigma that many marginalized groups experience, they may be at greater social risk, while simultaneously having access to fewer social resources.

We are inviting you to participate in a focus group on a project that examines how gender-based violence plays out in the lives of SGM women. With your involvement in this ground-breaking research, we can make important contributions to our understanding of the health and well-being of all our communities.

Initial criteria for this extremely important study require that you must (1) be at least 18- years old; (2) identify as a woman; and (3) be willing to answer questions about your sexual orientation and gender identity. If you are interested in potentially participating, please contact us at (801) 585-0835, or by email at [email protected]. We will send you a Participation Form that will cost you nothing to return. Once we receive your Participation Form, we will contact you to regarding your eligibility for this study.

Participants will receive a $25 gift card as a token of appreciation for their valuable time.

The goal of this project is to further our understanding of how gender-based violence targets women with marginalized sexual orientations and/or gender identities in university contexts. Your participation will make an important contribution to identifying resilience and risk in our communities, improving our health now and in the future!

If you have any questions about this research, please call us at (801) 585-0835
, or by email at 
[email protected]Make our communities healthier!

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