The People of the Pride Center: Diana

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Diana started coming to the Utah Pride Center three months ago, “I had heard about the Center from a neighbor a few years ago but I was never allowed to go. One day I decided I wanted to see what it was all about. I came in as a group was starting and right away I felt how inviting and friendly the people were. I immediately felt welcome.
  We asked Diana what being in the group meant to her, “I had never been in a space like that before. It gave me a sense of community that I had never had in any way. I have a long past of not having many friends or being close with family. Actually having people to connect with, much more than I’ve been able to before, it meant a lot,” she said.

We asked Diana what she wanted other people to know about the Center, “I think people might be afraid that they are too niche. Like they won’t fit what’s expected of them or wont fit in. But even if you aren’t the same way as someone else they (the UPC) are going to do so much to understand you and make it a welcome space.
     “There’s more autonomy here compared to other resource spaces. I’ve been to other places that just give me ‘only during this scheduled time,’ or ‘only this much,’ and ‘only with permission.’ In this space I’m free to get what I need and experience myself more than I typically can. It has been a liberating and eye opening experience.

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