The People of the Pride Center: Nick Arteaga


The People of the Pride Center: Nick Arteaga

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This year instead of us telling you how great the Pride Center is, we thought we’d let members of the community speak for themselves. We invite you to read our stories and find out about our communities and community center while considering your year-end giving.

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Nick Arteaga

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Nick Arteaga is a non-binary man of trans experience. He comes from a big Mexican family and is the second oldest of ten siblings. Nick is the current chair of Genderevolution, Utah’s only gender conference, and he enjoys dedicating time to saving lives through trans activism. Nick is also the interim leader for TransAction and he co-facilitates a youth group on weekends.
     Nick has a loving partner, Kayla, and they live happily in Salt Lake City. He enjoys loud rock music, eating yummy vegan food and spending time with his loved ones. When he isn’t busy volunteering, Nick is pursuing his Bachelors in Psychology.

 “The Utah Pride Center has been invaluable in my life and rewarding in so many ways. It has made a difference with the infinite possibilities to give back to our community. Between chairing Genderevolution and the relaunch TransAction last year, it’s apparent our transgender community has had a lot of growth in the number of folx living their truth.”
     “Coming out at any time can be scary, but for trans, non-binary and gender creative folx every day has its unique struggles. My work here has given me the amazing opportunity to watch our extended family grow into their own. To be able to validate those individuals who are transcending the binary and society’s norms is pretty damn wonderful.”

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