The People of the Pride Center: Nikki Boyer

The People of the Pride Center: Nikki Boyer

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Nikki Boyer

When asked how she became involved with the Utah Pride Center Nikki laughed and said “In which incarnation? The first time I got involved was in the 70’s, beside the old Sun Tavern. Eventually we became The Stonewall Center, where Ruby’s Cookies is today. I was born queer. I’ve always known I was queer, it was a no-brainer and you seek out your own tribe.”  
     Nikki’s activism started in her early twenties. “It morphed from civil rights, to anti-war, to the women’s movement, to the gay movement. It was all one big push for our freedom, for our civil rights.

“The Pride Center is a big part of my life, it has made me a better person. It has allowed me to express myself and to be a leader. The Pride Center has made me think about a lot of things, like who I am in relationship to the rest of the community. I’ve been involved with the Pride Center for quite a while and I just love to see the growth and the progress that we’ve made over the years.”
     “The Pride Center saves lives. It’s a welcoming place and we throw one hell of a good party in June. We have the
best pride. Other places don’t do what we do: bring queer families together.”

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