The People of the Pride Center: Roberto & Xiomara

The People of the Pride Center: Roberto & Xiomara

This year instead of us telling you how great the Pride Center is, we thought we’d let members of the community speak for themselves. We invite you to read our stories and find out about our communities and community center while considering your year-end giving.

Roberto & his daughter, Xiomara

“My story actually started sad, but turned out to be a great one. Several years ago I lost a friend, we were both 19 years old. I grew up with her, she was a trans individual. I needed something that I could use to educate myself so I could help people in the future.” This is when Roberto found the Pride Center. “I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to participate. I called UPC and said ‘I don’t have documents other than a privilege card, can I still come volunteer?’ without hesitation the director said ‘Of course you can! We accept everyone.'”

“I want people to know that there’s definitely room for everyone. There’s definitely someone here that you can relate to. It seems that a lot of people are always looking at the center as one identity, but it transcends that and it has a sense of family. I wish more people were aware of that. It makes you feel like you belong somewhere. I know a lot of friends who have come to UPC to educate themselves. Not because they are in ‘the community’ but because they have family and friends who are and they want to understand better.”

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