The People of the Pride Center: Sue Robbins

The People of the Pride Center: Sue Robbins

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Sue Robbins

Sue Robbins is a woman who is Transgender, Pansexual, and Intersex and uses the pronouns She, Her, and Hers. When asked how the Pride Center has impacted her life she said “My involvement with the Utah Pride Center has been life changing.   I have been more connected to the community, grown life-long friendships, and have performed fulfilling work in service of others.” 
     Sue currently serves as Chair of Transgender Education Advocates (TEA) of Utah, having been with this organization for over 2 years, and also serves on Equality Utah’s Transgender Advisory Council.

Sue is a former Chair of the Utah Pride Center, holding that position for two of the almost four years she served on the Board of Directors. Sue is an Electrical Engineer currently employed with a government contractor. She is a proud veteran with 20 years of service in the US Army working first as a Tank Crewmember and later in Satellite Communications.
     Sue lives in Woods Cross with her loving and amazing wife Theresa and has four children and ten grandchildren.

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