The People of the Pride Center: Wendy & Oliver

The People of the Pride Center: Wendy & Oliver

This year instead of us telling you how great the Pride Center is, we thought we’d let members of the community speak for themselves. We invite you to read our stories and find out about our communities and community center while considering your year-end giving.

Wendy and her son, Oliver

The Utah Pride Center literally saved my son’s life. When I brought him in, I thought he was feeling a little down and needed a supportive environment to work through it. If it hadn’t been for the therapists and groups at the Pride Center, I wouldn’t have known he’d been hiding he was trans, feeling suicidal and needing support. The Pride Center has been a safe place where I can take off my public face and talk about the real stuff, including parenting a trans kid, and the unique challenges of that. The parents group, for me, was a place where I could find support and self care while sorting through all of the feelings and emotions we were experiencing. 

Oliver told us “I have made friends here and over the course of going here, I’ve figured out my identity as a trans man. I’ve realized where my gender performance slides a little more and learned a lot more about my identity. I’ve found a good support group to fall back on when I need them. I had a basic idea of those things before coming here, but interacting with people here, people like me, helped show me what I could do and how I could present.” Wendy added “The Pride Center is open to everyone. Its open to people who are just trying to just understand. Coming here has opened my eyes.

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