The People of the Pride Center: Winslow Young

The People of the Pride Center: Winslow Young

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Winslow Young

     At the age of 16, while living in a very conservative home, Winslow came out as gay. He found the Utah Pride Center shortly thereafter. Finding a safe space within a youth group was important for him early on. “The Pride Center made me realize that there was a whole community of people like me. It is so important for there to be strong, supportive LGBTQ+ organizations like the Pride Center here in Utah. The Pride Center acts as a touchstone for our community as a whole and a safe space for those that may feel lost.” 
     For the past nine years Winslow has supported the Utah Pride Center and similar organizations through sponsorships and volunteer work. He has been heavily involved with the marketing of the Utah Pride Festival for several years.

     Winslow served as a member of the Utah Pride Center Board of Directors from 2015 to 2018 and helped the Center develop during that time. The Utah Pride Center was so important to me when I was coming out — not just being with people my age, but also seeing happy successful adults living full lives.” 
     Today Winslow is the marketing director of both Oz Marketing, a local advertising agency, and the Young Automotive Group. He holds an MBA from Westminster and a BA in Finance from the University of Utah. He lives in Centerville with his partner Rafael and their two spoiled dogs.

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