UPC Strategic Restructuring Plan Comments

“Over the last few years, the Board of the Utah Pride Center has worked hard to plan and budget to allow flexibility for the inevitable downturns in the economy. Now that we are experiencing a downturn, painful decisions are still necessary to ensure the continuity of the most urgent of services provided by the Center. These decisions always involve people, either in those working to provide services or those who may have services cut back.  While this action is important for the long term health of the Center, it is recognized the impact to people is significant and we hope for a quick return to a stronger economy resulting in increased non-profit funding.”

Sue Robbins
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Equality Utah Transgender Advisory Council

“As a past board member and longtime supporter of the Utah Pride Center, I have full confidence in its leadership. During these difficult times, it is more important than ever to support this pillar of our community. I know they are making difficult decisions to ensure the Center will be around for many years to continue providing life-saving services to the LGBTQ+ community.”

Winslow Young
Oz Marketing
Former Board Member of UPC

“My heart aches for the people and organizations that are dealing with very difficult decisions as we face this pandemic and the economic impact it is having on our livelihoods. As a business owner, I understand the very painful decisions often required during challenging times. Leaders must face the reality that in order to maintain the viability of the organization, there is most likely going to be a human capital cost – the sad cost of needing to downsize. These decisions are never made carelessly, or without painstaking analysis. The Utah Pride Center is near and dear to my heart. I have a passion for this organization and the work it does. I want to see this 40+ year-old organization continue its critical work of supporting our community and saving LGBTQ+ lives. I support and trust the Pride Center Board of Directors will make the best decisions that insure our Pride Center continues to deliver on its important mission.”

Stephanie Pappas
Roofers Supply
Former Board Member of UPC

“As a past UPC board chair I remember the constant challenge of structuring resources in ways that serve the most individuals in our community within the constraints of available dollars.  That was without the unprecedented pandemic and recession we are now facing.  My support goes out to those tasked with ensuring both the current and future survival of the Utah Pride Center.  They are faced with very heart wrenching and difficult choices and deserve our community’s support.”

Kent Frogley
Former Board Chair

“As a small business owner, former board member of the Utah Pride Center, and a community activist for more than thirty years, I know the challenges of trying to provide what’s most needed, as well as growing and balancing the resources to make it all possible. It’s rarely easy or painless. I have faith in the leadership of the Utah Pride Center during this time of hardship as they navigate rough waters and are forced to reimagine how best to serve our community and to provide the life-saving and life-affirming work that is needed. And I know that there will be happier days ahead.”

Matthew Landis
Former Board Member

“This is a turbulent time for everyone and while we are not all in the same boat, we are weathering the same storm. We have faced big challenges before, and each time the Utah Pride Center board, staff, volunteers, and supporters have met them head on, while continuing to provide life-saving programs to the most vulnerable members of our LGBTQ+ community. I hope that this restructuring plan will help us get through to brighter days when we can all celebrate again together.”

Chris Wharton
Partner – Wharton O’Brien, PLLC

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