UPC Board of Directors Announcement Pathway Associates and Joelle Kanshepolsky

May 5, 2021 


Announcement regarding Pathway Associates, Joelle Kanshepolsky, and the search process for the new CEO 

 The Utah Pride Center Board of Directors are proud to announce that we have retained Pathway Associates to lead our search for the next CEO of the Utah Pride Center. We are pleased to be connected with a firm with the long and successful track record of Pathway Associates. For over 20 years, Pathway Associates has assisted nonprofits across the Mountain West in transforming organizations to achieve their missions more effectively. 

The search for the new CEO will be a nationwide search which will include a multi-interview process with a board committee, community committee and employee committee. Leading the search process from Pathway Associates is Ms. Joelle Kanshepolsky. 

Joelle Kanshepolsky has spent 25 years of her professional career in the nonprofit sector as Staff, Board Member, Professor, and Consultant, and much of her personal time focused on social justice. Over the course of her career, she has assisted organizations in raising $40 million, led and participated in several CEO and Director of Development searches, and facilitated 20 sessions with Boards focused on good Governance. Joelle has been active in many local community organizations as a volunteer including serving on the Board of Women of the World, The McGillis School, and Jewish Family Service, and raising funds for Planned Parenthood. Joelle is a 1st generation American, child of a refugee, conversational in Spanish and has lived and volunteered in four different countries and has traveled to an additional 50. Joelle received her master’s degree from the Heller School of Management at Brandeis University in 2002 and her BA from Tufts University. Joelle moved to Salt Lake City from Boston in 2008. 

In her own words: I am so honored and thrilled to be leading the process to find a new CEO for the Utah Pride Center. I take this opportunity very seriously as I see the Utah Pride Center as a community treasure and a critical organization for the LGBTQ+ community and all of us here in Utah. I aim to run a process that is anchored in transparency and engagement for a variety of stakeholders. Although the Board will be the official body choosing and making an offer to the future CEO, Utah Pride Center staff, and several representatives of the community will have the opportunity to inform the process and offer their perspective on what is needed in the future leader. For any questions please feel free to reach to me directly at [email protected] 

Our process and timeline is as follows: 

Board Search Committee formed May 

Development of job posting with staff/board input May 

Job Posted May 21st 

Phone Screens begin June 

1st interviews June/July 

2nd round interviews July 

3rd and final round with presentation July/August 

New CEO starts September 

More information about Pathway Associates and consultant Joelle Kanshepolsky can be found here. Further information about the CEO search and job description can be found here, when it is posted. 

Chris Jensen 

Board Chair: Utah Pride Center 

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