A New Utah Pride Center

Restructuring and Strengthening the Pride Center

After the events of the last few days, weeks and months, and with the uncertain economic and social future we are all facing,we know that our world and our Center is not, and can never be, the same place that it was just a few months ago. Community spaces, like our Utah Pride Center, are all confronting this contemporary reality in different ways. One of the impacts of Covid-19 has been the need to carefully and deliberately consider the structure of the organization.

The Utah Pride Center is going to embark on a progressive and exciting new way of operating. Restructuring an organization is never easy and comes with turmoil. During a restructure it is imperative that leadership constantly assess what is working and what is not, evaluate options, and decides on the most effective course of action in order to achieve the mission and vision of the space. The Utah Pride Center has three core stakeholders – The LGBTQ+ communities of Utah, our donors and sponsors, and the Pride Center organization itself. All positions at the Utah Pride Center were reviewed to see if they were serving the communities, the Pride Center and its donors effectively, efficiently,and safely. The changes are going to mean that some roles no longer exist in the organization, but also that new ones have emerged.

  1.  The Associate Executive Director will focus on day-to-day management of the Center’s vision and strategy. This new role will focus on ensuring that we are a community facing and serving organization, and will be tasked with measuring how we are meeting and evaluating both strategic and operational tasks of our departments, as well as help with our fundraising and sponsorship initiatives. This is a new position to the Center.
  2.  The Youth and Family Services Manager will be focused on our at-risk young people, and assist the Youth, Education and Families Director in the further development of best-practice youth programming and resources–particularly with regards to counselling and social services. The demand for our Youth and Family services has steadily increased. Our young people and parents, need an expanded, qualified and supportive team. This is a new position in the Center.
  3.  The reality of 2020 is that we are going to be considering new and different ways to hold our Utah Pride Festival–but celebrate we will! For that to happen, we need a new and different ways to plan that work. It is envisioned that the new Pride Planning Executive Committee will be made up of approximately 7 members. It will consist of UPC leadership; Board members and engaged Community Members who will drive the planning and decision making for our Pride Festival. This new structure draws on the more cooperative and collaborative way that the Pride Festival was planned in the past and yet positions the Center for the future in that it does not place the burden of the Pride Festival and fundraising on one person’s shoulders, and there is an increased ability to adapt to change.
  4.  Positions that no longer exist in this new structure –Pride Festival Director; Donor Development Manager and Bookkeeper. Due to the changes in the Festival for 2020, and the opportunity to shift to the structure explained above, there will no longer be one Pride Festival Director. These duties will be shared by the new Executive Pride Festival Committee. Similarly, with the addition of an Associate Executive Director, whose focus will be Center evaluation and reporting, as well as donor and sponsor work, the role of Donor Development Manager has been eliminated. In this time of Covid-19, we know that our financial health and wellbeing are paramount. The Center needs to ensure that our financial statements and reports are accurate, and adhere to professional accounting procedures. In the interim, the Board Treasurer, will be an “acting” CFO for the Pride Center. They will oversee the transition and outsourcing of this important role to a CPA (or equivalent).

I believe that it is the sign of a healthy organization that we are able to adapt to change and to make decisions in a timely and focused manner. It is my hope that our community sees this change as one that is going to lead to a better Center and one which they can support.

 – Rob Moolman


Our New Organizational Structure

Explanation of the New Structure

At our very core, the Utah Pride Center is focused on suicide prevention and in keeping our communities healthy, thriving and alive. This work is supported and further developed by our best-practice and LGBTQ+ affirming Mental Health and Counselling services. The Bastian Counselling Center provides mental health services to ensure the social, emotional well being of our broader communities. The third tier of this diagram indicates the importance of our program and resources, these include community, senior,youth and schools programming. Our Center provides a space and opportunity for all to thrive and flourish, and our continued commitment to exceptional programming is an indicator of this. The final broadest tier is the one which holds, and guides the ways in which we are able to do things. The strategic plan, the implementation and measurement of our successes and the operations involved in keeping a thriving and healthy Center running, are all driven and lead through this space. This will now include the work of the Executive Pride Festival Planning team, who will be responsible for our most important fundraising and community event –the Utah Pride Festival.

Our Mission

“Utah Pride unites, empowers and celebrates Utah’s diverse LGBTQ+ community by providing a safe and welcoming space for education, partnerships, services and events which advance our collective health, wellness and success.”

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