Salt Lake City, UT – February 4th, 2018 – The Utah Pride Center is excited to announce the appointment of its new executive director, Rob Moolman.  The selection was made after several months of extensive interviews and a comprehensive selection process by the nonprofit’s Board of Directors. Moolman will be replacing retiring executive director, Carol Gnade, who has held the position for two years and seven months.

“I’m very excited for Rob and where he will take the organization.  When you lead an important organization like the Utah Pride Center, it’s hard to pass the torch until you find the perfect caretaker of the mission. The board definitely found that in Rob.” said Gnade.

Rob comes to the Utah Pride Center with strong leadership, experience, unique international perspectives and an understanding of the complexity and potential of our LGBTQ+ community.   Rob has worked in the fields of education, training, and advocacy in South Africa and Australia and he is about to submit his PhD to the University of Melbourne. 

“I am honored to be chosen to run such a wonderful organization. It offers the community a space where we can develop our common bond, understand our differences, and celebrate our community. In South Africa, I was taught about the African concept of Ubuntu, which recognizes the common bond between people and stresses the importance of recognition, identity and human dignity – it states, ‘I am valued because you are valued.’  The Utah Pride Center truly embodies this and I am so excited to be part of this community.”

Mr. Moolman will be happy to take interviews with any media, community leaders, or individuals over the next several days.  Interview times may be arranged with Carol Gnade, who can be reached at (801) 598-7899.

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