Utah Pride Center honors LGBTQ+ veterans with specially designed flag

Jonathan Foulk, Utah Pride Center associate executive director, left, and intern Erin Davies raise a newly designed LGBTQ+ veterans flag at the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City on Veterans Day Wednesday morning. “Queer people have served this country and have not only fought for LGBTQ+ rights but for the rights of all American citizens. We want to stand with them and honor them for their service and encourage other queer people to serve as well,” Deb Hall, director of adult programs at the center, said in a statement. The flag was designed by the center and copies will be distributed to other LGBTQ+ people who have served in the military.

Link to original article on Deseret News: https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/11/11/21560898/pride-center-salt-lake-city-honors-lgbtq-veterans-with-specially-designed-flag

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