Cover art for the YA novel titled Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan.

Utah Pride Center’s MH Team’s Suggested Summer Book Series

Utah Pride Center’s MH team suggested summer book series starts with this adorable and charming queer young adult novel.  School is about to end for this academic year and with summer starting, we hope our young readers will enjoy a warm, and safe summer by catching up on some reading…books are a uniquely portable magic.

Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan is a queer YA novel that pairs the beauty queen with the sporty new girl for a smart, heartfelt teen romance. Even though Ruby Thompson spends most of her free time in beauty pageants to please her mom, her real passion is fixing up old cars. So she is Not Happy when Morgan Matthews nearly collides with her vintage baby blue Ford on the first day of school. Morgan is the new girl — she’s transferred in after being forced to leave her conservative Catholic school after coming out. She doesn’t know anything about Ruby, except that she can’t stop thinking about her.

As Morgan and Ruby navigate high school halls and a budding friendship, something more starts to develop between them. Morgan is proudly out, joins the LGBTQ club, volunteers at the local LGBTQ youth center and she’s even waging a lawsuit against her old school on behalf of the other queer kids there. She wants everyone to be out and proud like her and she finds it hard to accept that Ruby isn’t quite ready to reveal this part of herself to everyone in town, especially her mother. Their romance reminds us that everyone’s journey is different and can progress at different paces; the real magic happens when love comes before labels and you find someone to join on the journey.

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