Peer to Peer Support Program

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Mission Statement: The Purpose of Pride Peer to Peer Support

The vision for the Peer to Peer Support program at the Utah Pride Center is to create a space where our participants gain a sense of visibility, intersectional inclusion, guidance, and support within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Coming from a non-clinical background, our peer support team can offer one-on-one peer support to share relatable, lived experiences as members of the LGBTIA+ community, coping skills during challenging situations, resources within the community, and many other necessities that are beneficial to LGBTQ+ individuals. Participants will be thoughtfully paired with Pride peer volunteers who have similar backgrounds and identities. We strive to reflect a culture of inclusivity, acceptance and comprehensive knowledge to best support all individuals.

Participation in our peer support services are free and open to LGBTQ+ members, parents of LGBTQ+ individuals, and allies.


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Utah Pride Peer Support Model

At Utah Pride, we use a three-step model to ensure our LGBTQ+ participants get the most out of their peer-to-peer sessions and are provided with the resources and next steps they will need on their journey moving forward.

Step 1

  • Participants will fill out sign-up form on our website or in-person.
  • Participants will complete a 15-minute Orientation with our Peer Support Coordinator. Participants will be assigned and introduced to their Pride Peer.

Step 2

  • Appointment will be made with Peer volunteer.
  • Volunteer and participant will meet for support, goal setting, and connection.
  • Volunteer and participant will decide how much support is needed.

Step 3

  • Volunteer will go over support that was given and inquire if participant needs more resources
  • Volunteer will connect participant back to Peer support coordinator
  • Peer support coordinator will provide participant with resources needed going further.
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What is Peer to Peer Support?

Peer support happens when people who share similar lived experiences come together to support each other. Pride Peer Support offers one-on-one sessions for participants to receive emotional support from a qualified Pride Peer Volunteer. This support will include but is not limited to experiences in the realm of LGBTQ+ issues, coming out, transitioning, gender-affirming care, LGBTQ+ healthcare, or other forms of social or emotional issues people in the LGBTQIA+ community experience. Experience and support can also include support in celebrations, triumphs, and relationship support as we recognize that support can come from various spectrums of emotional necessities.

At Utah Pride, we have designed our peer support program to be inclusive to all. We strive to make our work intersectional, culturally relevant and accessible.

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Pride Peer Volunteers

Our Pride Peer Support Program is staffed by amazing volunteers who are trained in LGBTQ+ cultural competency, are trauma-informed, and adhere to the Utah Pride Center confidentiality code. We have a diverse group of Pride Peer volunteers who identify in various identities within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We also offer Peer support volunteer opportunities for Parents and Caregivers of LGBTQ+ individuals who are looking for support! All Peer Support Programs are optional and free.

The Benefits of becoming a Pride Peer Volunteer

  • Create meaningful connections and
  • Flexible schedule
  • Great for volunteer hours
  • Become part of a caring, supportive team
    of Queer individuals
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Pride Peer Support Program Expectations

  • Days/hours of commitment will vary based on the needs of participants and volunteer availability.
  • All participants must maintain confidentiality for all information learned from their peer support relationship.
  • Participants will not be informed, updated or made aware of others participanting in Pride Peer Support.
  • Pride peer volunteers will respect participant’s desires if they no longer wish to participate in the peer support program.
  • Pride Peers will respect each participant’s right to privacy and their right to make decisions about treatment and will avoid giving any medical advice.
  • Both pride peer volunteers and participants will respect and use each other’s chosen name and pronouns.
  • Pride peers will connect with participants at both parties preferred method of communication (via phone call, text, virtual meeting, and/or in-person meeting at Utah Pride Center.)
  • Pride peers will report any concerns or questions to the Utah Pride Center Mental Health Clinic if necessary.
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Crisis Management

It is of the utmost importance that peers know that our Pride Peer Volunteers are NOT crisis workers. Our Pride Peers come from diverse backgrounds but are not volunteering to offer crisis counseling. Our pride peer volunteers are trained and educated on how to provide participants with the resources they need to find and get the help they need. If someone seeking services is experiencing a crisis, our peer support team will assist peers in getting into the appropriate channels to access further support.

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EDI Training

EDI Training Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are values that we strive to exemplify at the Utah Pride Center. We believe in creating safe spaces and equal opportunities for all people and recognize the added barriers our QPOC, neurodivergent LBGTQ+, etc. humans face. Our Peer Support Program has been founded in EDI work and we work continually to find diverse Pride Peer volunteers who are aware of the complexities that come with being LGBTQ+ and also other marginalized identities. Our volunteers will be trained in LGBTQ cultural competency as well as implicit bias training. We want the very best outcomes for all of our participants and strive to breed a culture of inclusivity and equity.

A great resource for bias training:

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Sign-Up Forms To Participate or Volunteer

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Peer Support Categories

At the Utah Pride Center, we strive for inclusion, equity, and equal opportunities for all to be seen and heard. These are the categories we offer support in. These categories are not limited to being a “one-size-fits-all” as we recognize the diverse identities that make up the human experience. In the initial orientation meeting, we go over other areas where our pride peers and participants may have other intersecting identities that will be beneficial to acknowledge and be aware of to better help the peer support selection process and their journeys moving forward.

Trans Men

Trans Women











LGBTQ allies

LGBTQ+ Parenting

LGBTQ+ family building

LGBTQ+ dating and relationships

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Peer Support in Transgender Healthcare

At the Utah Pride Center, our peer to peer support program provides comprehensive, compassionate, and evidence-based support for our transgender family. Our volunteers are carefully vetted and can share their lived experience within their own journey of transitioning, can offer medical support, and in the future can support our trans participants at pre-surgical visits

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Pride Peer to Peer Support is a Program of the Utah Pride Center

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