What really happens when kids say they are transgender?

Check out this amazing news story from Traci @ ABC4 News about our transgender youth and what it’s like when they come out!

In Utah alone, there have been two anti-trans bills presented to the house since the start of 2021 which means we need to work twice as hard to ensure the public knows exactly why it is imperative to encourage our youth to be their authentic selves. HB 92 proposes to ban all medical interventions for transgender minors, including puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and surgeries.

We can all work together to save the lives of our transgender youth by ensuring our support for them transcends beyond our homes and classrooms and into healthcare.

In this article, Transgender Healthcare Providers like Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD, MPH, The Medical Director of Gender Management and Support at Primary Children’s Hospitals and Amanda Darrow, Director of Youth, Family and Education programs at the Utah Pride Center share their expertise and knowledge on the impact that anti-trans rhetoric can have on our gender creative young people affected by this health bill.

We also learn about the positive impact we can have on our transgender youth as supportive adults, professionals, educators, doctors, parents and caregivers.

As a queer, transmasculine nonbinary person of color Nick Arteaga, Community Programs Coordinator for the Utah Pride Center shares how HRT and transgender affirming healthcare has positively affected their life.

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