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Peer Support Participant Registration

Our Peer Support Program is specifically geared towards helping to provide support, resources and access to gender affirming care to the Trans and Non-Binary communities. Pride Peers have an opportunity to gain connection, support, knowledge, and insignt from amazing Pride Mentors! Are you looking for a supportive relationship as you naviagte your gender journey or gender health journey? Would you like to connect to someone with shared experience? What about connecting to someone who is there to empower you and provide opportunities to build resilience and adaptability? By becomeing a Pride Peer you will have the opportunity to access visibility, intersectional inclusion, guidance, and support from other transgender or gender diverse Pride Mentors!

We appreciate your enthusiasm to be a participant in our Pride Peer Support Program at the Utah Pride Center! Please respond to the following questions and a member of the Utah Pride Center will be in contact with you after you have submitted this form. Please give our Peer Support Team up to 72 hours to connect with you. If you do not hear from our peer support team within 72 hours, please direct any questions or concerns to [email protected]